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About us

The History

Situated behind the Marie (Mayor’s chambers) and sitting within its own walled garden the property was originally built by the chef to Tsar Nicholas.

As the story goes he built the property for his own use but during WW2 he was forced to evacuate in fear of his life. The villagers assisted in his escape and in gratitude he left the house adjoining the property to the village.

The current owners bought the property in 2017 and with love and attention to detail extensively renovated the site adding a new two bedroom gite and installing a pool. Secure inside a large walled garden the property provides a safe and quiet haven for families or couples. The gite occupies a private space at one end of the property. 

For children who want more space to play there is the village field accessed through a gate in one of the property’s stone wall.

The property where Maison Piggeonnier was built at the bottom of the garden
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